Everyone claims to be the “Best GPS Tracker” and to a certain extent “best” is in the eye of the beholder but we measure it as who fulfills the most points of interest. So we let you, the readers, be the judge.

The web portal or smartphone app is the most searched feature so if a GPS Tracker doesn’t have an app it’s out.

Second is the size of the GPS Tracker. Now that comes in several different words such as: small, mini and tiny but that is relative. The tracker for a wallet is different than a trailer. So this truly becomes variable.

Next is “hidden,” covert, secret or discrete. Relatively speaking this is often a function of the installer or where it has to be installed. Size again maybe a feature that affects this feature. The only truly hidden GPS Tracker is our GPS Tracker Light that truly hides the GPS Tracker in the sealed light. Unless it is smashed open the only way to know it is there is to have the password.

The cost is next. But again that is in the eye of the beholder. Some may say it is just the cost of the equipment, but Polaroid taught us, it’s the total cost over the lifetime. The equipment plus the service plus batteries etc.

“Real-time is the next feature. This feature is going to impact the battery’s power usage. The range can go from seconds to days and that is impacted by the usage and how it is programmed. Your needs are the primary determinant as to which is the “Best GPS Tracker.